OEM CNC Machining

OEM CNC machining services

The right supplier can provide machining services that can make essentially any part from any engineering material. You may be looking for a one-off to evaluate your design, some samples for field validation purposes or mass production of high value, high strength, high precision components.

A capable OEM CNC machining service provider will be able to help steer you in component design, materials selection, part splitting/combining for cost reduction and more.

OEM CNC machining is considered ‘extractive’, that is to say the net shape of the required part is extracted, by cutting, from a billet of high grade material that has the required properties – this results in the net shape of the part AND high value scrap material that is generally well suited to recycling.

How to locate and filter OEM manufacturers?

Locating and filtering OEM manufacturers

You’re likely reading this because you want to know more about contacting OEM suppliers and selecting the good ones.

Finding manufacturers to begin to price your product and manufacturing process looks like a daunting task, when you’re unfamiliar with the process and you’re undertaking the search for the first time. Brave and agile founders, developers and directors are often intimidated by the enormity of the task and the rumoured risks – but stiffen up the sinews, it’s really not so difficult or hazardous.

The guidance from those who know the space is to learn from their mistakes, break the task down into manageable pieces and follow some simple guidance. Carry out each step in the process, do what you can to validate as you go, be realistic and flexible, offer and expect high standards of clarity and responsiveness and you’ll get what you need, at a cost you can accept, on a timetable that works.

OEM Rubber Moulding

Natural and synthetic rubbers can be moulded by various methods – including casting and injection moulding – but the great majority of true rubber components are made by compression or transfer moulding.

The choice of true rubbers – for their greater elasticity, chemical resilience and wear properties – leads down the more traditional rubber moulding technology pathways.

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