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How to select a right OEM manufacturer?

Selecting OEM manufacturers from the pack

If you’ve followed our guide, then you’ll already be building a shortlist by selecting OEM manufacturers that you’ve contacted by various means – and you’ll likely have pricing and a pretty strong impression of where the various OEM manufacturers you’re talking to sit on the skills, price and quality continua. That’s a great position to be in – but you now have to narrow down the field.

Every product originator and manufacturing business has come up against the need to  select suppliers, likely many times. Even startups staff members have likely faced this position before, in previous roles and jobs.

The ODM Design Process

White Label ODM, which is the process by which a brand owner or marketing company gets an outsource company that makes virtually the product they are seeking, to refine or alter the design in relatively small (and fast) ways, to produce a unique version of an existing and (presumably) market successful product. This allows the brand owners to differentiate in the market place by the addition of features or capabilities, by quality or performance differentials and by own-branding a unique SKU of a product, without the major commitment of a start-from-scratch development process. White Label ODM allows brands to access goods and are made in lager quantities than they can currently market, allowing smaller brand holders to benefit both from economy of scale and the established sector expertise of the ODM manufacturer.

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